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Brickell Condominiums are close to mayor highways and shopping centers. Bright and Spacious Brickell apartments - condos for sale and for rent.

Brickell apartments and homes: Brickell Avenue, encompasses the financial district of Miami, and is considered to be one of the most prestigious avenue names, as it is associated with big business, wealth and finances. Brickell Avenue is lined mostly with high-rise office buildings, condominiums and five star hotels such as The Four Seasons, The Mandarin and Marriott Conrad.

Brickell Avenue resembles New York's Park avenue or Mimillionaire Row, Miami, is home to the who's who in the entertainment world  Such as Jennifer Lopez, Oprah Wimfrey, Gloria Estefan, Enrique Iglesias, Dwayne Wade and many other. Brickell condominiums for sale: Mary Brickell Village , is one block west from Brickell Avenue. Here you will indulge  in fine dinning, outdoor cafe's, designer shops and more. This is why Brickell condos, apartaments and homes are the choice of residence for many local and international residents making Brickell their first or second home.

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